Thursday, June 5, 2014

Maryland Sheep & Wool

On 3 May 2014 I went for the first time to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival it was not like what I was expecting when I got their in fact it was million time better then what I expected! I live in Pa it took me about 3 hours to get to West Friendship Maryland to the Howard County Fair Grounds, I will say that traffic was not bad on the way to Maryland, their was hardly any road work going on, nor were their tons of pot holes in the road. I did pass plenty of rest areas I will give the states plus on that for people to stop even if it’s just to get out of their cars to walk around to take break.

Soon as I hit the border I could tell all ready the temp change I could not have asked for better day to go it was not to hot or cold plus the rain held off too!  I was surprised that traffic was not super bad their either I guess I must have hit the right times to travel I guess, I was impressed with the road signs in this state some tell you how many minutes it will take you to get to your exit I just thought that was neat I have never seen nothing like that before, another plus is that roads were kept very clean! Roads signs for the fair  ground are very well placed so you could not miss the exit. Traffic to the fair ground was not bad at all I will give the police credit they kept the line going into the grounds moving great, the Boy Scouts pointed you in the direction as to where to park when you get into the grounds I happen to get luck and get great spot! Parking was free as well that is win.
While walking up to where you go in I was greeted with this I just loved it!052051050

048One has to love yarn bombing it was just colorful cheerful walking up to the entrance way I just stopped to look at all of it. Great job to everyone who did this Amazing I wonder if it stays up all year till next festival or if they take it down.


                                                           IMG_0256 Getting into the festival was free however you can give $5.00 or more donation which I did I felt that it was worth that much when doing so I was given this nice booklet which came in handy for me.076  This book included map list of vendors, what time events were going on. I did not know where to start so I just picked way walked up one side down the other in one building then into another. I got to see some sheep getting their hair cut040
IMG_0246IMG_0248 No the animals were not hurt in fact they are taken such good care of they even wear jacks after getting their wool cut off! The answer your next question not it didn’t smell like barn yard in fact it was kept super clean!

For all you fair foodie loves you would have loved this all the fair food you could have wanted I was surprised at the number of people who came just for the food! Prices for food and drinks are what you would expect for fair food. I seen some of the most interesting outfit while there I just loved it amazing great work of the fiber community! I could not have asked for better day you name it I saw it 044 like this guy here how amazing is this!

I seen spindles and spinning wheels till my eyes could not see no more of them, no I didn’t get spinning wheel not just yet to me that is big investment I will keep looking into before I get one so that I know I’M getting the right one for me, nor did I get new spindle the one I have works just well for me right now however at some point I would like to try bottom whorl or support one to see how the spin up.
I did not stay till closing because I wanted to get back on the road before traffic coming out of the fair grounds got nuts, I managed to hit leaving round 4ish great time to get onto the road. Traffic heading home was not bad at all either I made great time getting home.
PennsylvaniaAs much as I loved my day in Maryland I was so glad to see this sign, my ride back to where I live was not bad at all in fact it was so nice I made great time getting home I stopped at this little dinner not far from the town I live in, it was new to me place great service great food I will be going back there soon.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why I have not written in actual blog post in ages!

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I have not written actual blog post in ages, well it's kind of simple when I lost my job last May and had found out I have problem with my foot last November I was not able to get out as much I use to, as well I just lost my blogging mojo so to speak of I also dived into the world of podcast for my craft goodness knitting and crocheting as well as spinning. I do plan to get back to doing actual blogging now this I have gotten my mojo back!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Goals for 2014

I have really sat down and though about this, what my goals for the next year is going to be. You are probably wondering why I'm posting them now and not on New Years eve or day well quite simple what not get head start on them right now. What are your goals for the next year? Here is my list

1. Get back in control of my blood sugar
2. Workout more more
4.Geocacheing  more
5.spinning more
6.knit more
7.crochet more
8. learn to make my own lotion and soaps
9. make my own teas more
11.meditate on losing more weight
13. get healthier
14. indian cooking
15. find mr. right or close to it.
I know that they seem like alot will I get all of them done well  I do not know but we will find out.

What goals I have finished this year.

As 2013 comes to end it brings me to looks back at my goals that I have made for this past year, in case you are new to this blog or don't remember what they are I will paste them right here. I know that I didn't complete all of them I'm not going to make excuses as to why, some were I just didn't have the money to do such extra items. Without further a due here is the list

Friday, July 19, 2013

look at my goals for the year and where I am at

It's 7 months into the new year I'd figure I would do update on how my goals on going this year so far for me. I want to say I hope that everyone is having safe happy summer remember to stay cool hydrated! I'm also in the process of looking for new job I got let go from mine due to the fact I was out on medical leave to long with my foot which will never be the same so time for new job so far no luck but I'm not giving up! My ideal job would be to have yarn shop, be able to travel and write about it and share photos or video the places I get to go to.  Now on to my goals so far for this years.

1.I have not learned how my make custom soaps and lotions, lip balm not as of yet
2. Weight loss is coming along nicely even thought I can't always exercise like I use to
3. I have not started worry or worry free jar I should thought but have not as of this time I might though
4.I've not been able to travel like I wanted to so far this year due to my foot and not having the funds to do so however I'm not going to give up on this for the year
5.I have been taking more chances I'm not done with this at all
6. Indian cooking I have put this on hold right now due to what is going at home here
7.I have not tried to make my own tea as of yet but I will keep this goal in mind with my chocolate mint herb
8. Read more I am doing this I have read few books on my nook I just need to read the hard cover books I have at home here.
9.I have learned how to cable knit!
10. I still want to learn to to spin fiber into yarn
11.I still want to learn more crochet techs.
Well I think that my goals are coming alone nicely

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Black Americans Changed The World as we know it starting in 1863

Since we are coming up on the anniversy of the Gettysburg address I would like to share some interesting fact with everyone one about all the amazing inventions that black Americans created as free people.

We know slavery in America as our dark past that no one wants to talk about it's like the white elephant in the room so to speak I agree it's not the one of the good past of our history at all how ever from it their came something postive that no one ever want to talk about which happens to be all the freed slaves and their inventions they created as well as their future grenerations created as well. If you don't like the way that I view how out dark past gave us something good then stop read this!

I will list name here from this website:

air conditioning unit         Frederick M. Jones      July 12, 1949
almanac                       Benjamin Banneker       Approx 1791
auto cut-off switch           Granville T. Woods      January 1, 1839
auto fishing devise           G. Cook                 May 30, 1899
automatic gear shift          Richard Spikes          February 28, 1932
baby buggy                    W.H. Richardson         June 18, 1899
bicycle frame                 L.R. Johnson            October 10, 1899
biscuit cutter                A.P. Ashbourne          November 30, 1875
blood plasma bag              Charles Drew            Approx. 1945
cellular phone                Henry T. Sampson        July 6, 1971
chamber commode               T. Elkins               January 3, 1897
clothes dryer                 G. T. Sampson           June 6, 1862
curtain rod                   S. R. Scratton          November 30, 1889
curtain rod support           William S. Grant        August 4, 1896
door knob                     O. Dorsey               December 10, 1878
door stop                     O. Dorsey               December 10, 1878
dust pan                      Lawrence P. Ray         August 3, 1897
egg beater                    Willie Johnson          February 5, 1884
electric lampbulb             Lewis Latimer           March 21, 1882
elevator                      Alexander Miles         October 11, 1867
eye protector                 P. Johnson              November 2, 1880
fire escape ladder            J. W. Winters           May 7, 1878
fire extinguisher             T. Marshall             October 26, 1872
folding bed                   L. C. Bailey            July 18, 1899
folding chair                 Brody & Surgwar         June 11, 1889
fountain pen                  W. B. Purvis            January 7, 1890
furniture caster              O. A. Fisher            1878
gas mask                      Garrett Morgan          October 13, 1914
golf tee                      T. Grant                December 12, 1899
guitar                        Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
hair brush                    Lydia O. Newman         November 15, 18--
hand stamp                    Walter B. Purvis        February 27 1883
horse shoe                    J. Ricks                March 30, 1885
ice cream scooper             A. L. Cralle            February 2, 1897
improv. sugar making          Norbet Rillieux         December 10, 1846
insect-destroyer gun          A. C. Richard           February 28, 1899
ironing board                 Sarah Boone             December 30, 1887
key chain                     F. J. Loudin            January 9, 1894
lantern                       Michael C. Harvey       August 19, 1884
lawn mower                    L. A. Burr              May 19, 1889
lawn sprinkler                J. W. Smith             May 4, 1897
lemon squeezer                J. Thomas White         December 8, 1893
lock                          W. A. Martin            July 23, 18--
lubricating cup               Ellijah McCoy           November 15, 1895
lunch pail                    James Robinson          1887
mail box                      Paul L. Downing         October 27, 1891
mop                           Thomas W. Stewart       June 11, 1893
motor                         Frederick M. Jones      June 27, 1939
peanut butter                 George Washington Carver    1896
pencil sharpener              J. L. Love              November 23, 1897
phone transmitter             Granville T. Woods      December 2, 1884
record player arm             Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
refrigerator                  J. Standard             June 14, 1891
riding saddles                W. D. Davis             October 6, 1895
rolling pin                   John W. Reed            1864
shampoo headrest              C. O. Bailiff           October 11, 1898
spark plug                    Edmond Berger           February 2, 1839
stethoscope                   Imhotep                 Ancient Egypt
stove                         T. A. Carrington        July 25, 1876
straightening comb            Madam C. J. Walker      Approx 1905
street sweeper                Charles B. Brooks       March 17, 1890
thermostat control            Frederick M. Jones      February 23, 1960
traffic light                 Garrett Morgan          November 20, 1923
tricycle                      M. A. Cherry            May 6, 1886
typewriter                    Burridge & Marshman     April 7, 1885

Here is someone to add to the list Victor Hugo Green  The Negro Motorist Green Book.1947 it was for safe travel for black Americans in this time!

I think we need to look back at history and realize how the amazing inventions black Americans have given to the world  this is why I say out of something horrifyingly bad came some great people! Honest Abe knew thing or two he was step ahead of people I feel if he was not shot he would have changed this country even more for the good.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sari But It’s Not Your Granny Yarn It’s A Darn Good Yarn!

67955_10151431320217615_42720885_nHere is another small business that I just love as well it's one of my favorite too! I heard about it viva Mikey over at, he was doing a crochet video he talked about the yarn he was using called Darn Good Yarn right away I had to check it out that's all it took it get me turned out to be new small business that I love called Darn Good Yarn[DGY]! With out further a due I'll like to introduce to it the company as well as the whole DGY family! You can find this amazing company over at

Saturday, April 20, 2013

For The Love Of Soap Soapothecary!


Penelope started Soapothecary in March of 2000 making hand made soaps, lotions, face, as well as body products which has been going strong since I have been long time customer of hers for long time now I use all of her products, I don’t have to worry what I’m putting on my body because I know. Her products are latex free vegan friendly and she uses organic oils too so I  know that I’m not putting chemicals on me that are going to harm me or my body which makes me feel good. As of February 9,2013 Soapothecary is now stickily online how ever in Jim Thorpe PA if you go into the 5&10 store you will be able to Soapothecary’s hand made soaps only for the rest of the products you will have to visit them online at .