Thursday, June 5, 2014

Maryland Sheep & Wool

On 3 May 2014 I went for the first time to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival it was not like what I was expecting when I got their in fact it was million time better then what I expected! I live in Pa it took me about 3 hours to get to West Friendship Maryland to the Howard County Fair Grounds, I will say that traffic was not bad on the way to Maryland, their was hardly any road work going on, nor were their tons of pot holes in the road. I did pass plenty of rest areas I will give the states plus on that for people to stop even if it’s just to get out of their cars to walk around to take break.

Soon as I hit the border I could tell all ready the temp change I could not have asked for better day to go it was not to hot or cold plus the rain held off too!  I was surprised that traffic was not super bad their either I guess I must have hit the right times to travel I guess, I was impressed with the road signs in this state some tell you how many minutes it will take you to get to your exit I just thought that was neat I have never seen nothing like that before, another plus is that roads were kept very clean! Roads signs for the fair  ground are very well placed so you could not miss the exit. Traffic to the fair ground was not bad at all I will give the police credit they kept the line going into the grounds moving great, the Boy Scouts pointed you in the direction as to where to park when you get into the grounds I happen to get luck and get great spot! Parking was free as well that is win.
While walking up to where you go in I was greeted with this I just loved it!052051050

048One has to love yarn bombing it was just colorful cheerful walking up to the entrance way I just stopped to look at all of it. Great job to everyone who did this Amazing I wonder if it stays up all year till next festival or if they take it down.


                                                           IMG_0256 Getting into the festival was free however you can give $5.00 or more donation which I did I felt that it was worth that much when doing so I was given this nice booklet which came in handy for me.076  This book included map list of vendors, what time events were going on. I did not know where to start so I just picked way walked up one side down the other in one building then into another. I got to see some sheep getting their hair cut040
IMG_0246IMG_0248 No the animals were not hurt in fact they are taken such good care of they even wear jacks after getting their wool cut off! The answer your next question not it didn’t smell like barn yard in fact it was kept super clean!

For all you fair foodie loves you would have loved this all the fair food you could have wanted I was surprised at the number of people who came just for the food! Prices for food and drinks are what you would expect for fair food. I seen some of the most interesting outfit while there I just loved it amazing great work of the fiber community! I could not have asked for better day you name it I saw it 044 like this guy here how amazing is this!

I seen spindles and spinning wheels till my eyes could not see no more of them, no I didn’t get spinning wheel not just yet to me that is big investment I will keep looking into before I get one so that I know I’M getting the right one for me, nor did I get new spindle the one I have works just well for me right now however at some point I would like to try bottom whorl or support one to see how the spin up.
I did not stay till closing because I wanted to get back on the road before traffic coming out of the fair grounds got nuts, I managed to hit leaving round 4ish great time to get onto the road. Traffic heading home was not bad at all either I made great time getting home.
PennsylvaniaAs much as I loved my day in Maryland I was so glad to see this sign, my ride back to where I live was not bad at all in fact it was so nice I made great time getting home I stopped at this little dinner not far from the town I live in, it was new to me place great service great food I will be going back there soon.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Episode 30 Happy Mothers day!!

                                      HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHERS!

Admin: I think I found what the problem is with the iTunes feed I spoke viva online with Apple I was told it was my MB are to big and taking to long to down load I got told to use video converter/compresser I tried it the converter/compress it seemed to work on few videos I posted so I hope that is what the problem is so please let me know if you keep having problems.

Smells Like Yarn is have May dishcloth along this month using Hole-less reverse miter dishcloth pattern

I'm opening thread on the group call "what podcast do you listen to?"

New to me podcast/podcast I listen to: Aussieyarning, We are yarn both can be found on iTunes, Single handed knits podcast this can be found on iTunes

I went to Maryland Sheep & Wool I just loved it I will be going back next year, I didn't have plan when I went but I will next year, sadly I didn't meet anyone I listen to or know but that is ok their are other sheep and wools yet to come to meet as well as summer! I got some fiber. Only down side was some of the prices I thought something were to much however I was not looking for any one thing of yarn.

Finished objects: Hole-Less reverse miter dishcloth it's free pattern on rav

Works in progress: AA 2014 cowl
Father Time Cowl
Vanilla Latte Socks:

I'm putting my tank top in time out for while.

Episode 29 Maryland Sheep & Wool here I come!

Admin: Still have issues with iTunes contacted podcastgarden I will also see if it's the way I'm saving my videos to up load as well however I have not been doing nothing different then normal.

 I will be going for the first time to Maryland Sheep & Wool I'm super excited to be going. Blog post to follow soon!

New to me podcast/podcast I listen to: Manly Yarn hosted by Kevin you can find it on youtube, Smells like yarn hosted by Russ can be found on youtube, Stitch by Stich hosted by kim this can be found on itunes, Craftstash hosted by Kim this can be found youtube.

Finished objects: YES YOU READ RIGHT! Ho Aloha sweater is finished it's paid for patter on rav here is the link for it.

Works in Progress: Monster cowl
Swing away tank
Father Time Cowl
Vanilla Latte Socks :

Episode 28 Days Late but better then never!

Admin: I'm still having issues with iTunes I'm working on it. I will keep everyone update as I learn what is going on with it!

Works in progress: Ho aloha Sweater

I finished my crafsty class it was mini class on photo shooting.

Episode 27 Happy Easter Everyone!

                       HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Admin: On iTunes podcast is acting up thank you all for letting me know about.

Works in progress: Vanilla Latte Socks, Hoaloha Sweater, AA2014 [Monster Cowl] Cowl, Father Time Cowl

I got new needls by Knitpicks interchangable metal us 4/ 3.50mm Noro yarn and mag.

Episode 26 Lets chat out on the patio

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why I have not written in actual blog post in ages!

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I have not written actual blog post in ages, well it's kind of simple when I lost my job last May and had found out I have problem with my foot last November I was not able to get out as much I use to, as well I just lost my blogging mojo so to speak of I also dived into the world of podcast for my craft goodness knitting and crocheting as well as spinning. I do plan to get back to doing actual blogging now this I have gotten my mojo back!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Episdoe 25 cold then hot

 Welcome New and returning viewers thank you for checking my podcast out or coming back!

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If you have left me iTunes review please email me at to let me know because I might not know because I don't check my iTunes page out all the time.

As you can see I changed the back ground out for the blog for now let me know how you like it. I like to keep things fresh on the blog since  I use it for more then just podcasting.
Happy birthday to everyone who has March Birthday.